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Lokmani Postgraduate School

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Lokmani Postgraduate School
Lokmani Postgraduate School
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Lokmani Postgraduate School
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Lokmani Postgraduate School
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Degree and Master Programmes

Based in Seohara (India) and delivering Bachelor and Master programmes, Lokmani Postgraduate School offers an innovative academic approach adapted to the demands of the professional market in India. Lokmani is set up on three pillars to provide a holistic education experience to the students: academic, extra-curricular and employment. All lecturers are highly qualified and experienced in their field, and deliver high-level applied academic teaching.

Programmes offered
  • Commerce
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Education
  • Languages - English, Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit
  • Mathematics
  • Military Study
  • Music
  • Science, Biology, Microbiology, Home Science and Pharma
  • Sociology, Geography and Economics
School Campus
  • Seohara, Dist. Bijnore, UP, India


Established in 2008 with the vision of delivering access to globally applied knowledge to rural India.

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